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ye olde graphics

Graphics, manips, and icons for BBC's Merlin

Ye Olde Graphics
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BBC Merlin Manips and Graphics

Welcome to Ye Olde Graphics, your one-stop 'shop headquarters for the Merlin fandom.

We accept almost all forms of graphic art, including but not limited to wallpapers, photo manipulations, fanmix covers, Photoshopped picspams, and header images.


So why graphic art? Because there's a lot of it, and there wasn't really a home for graphic art and the people who make it. We at Ye Olde Graphics understand that creating graphics is often a long, painstaking process and we appreciate the people who undertake graphics projects.

Ye Olde Graphics is a place to post your Merlin graphics and discuss the process of creating said graphics. It is not a place for flaming, wank, character bashing, or spamming. That kind of behavior will get you smacked with a ban hammer.


Icon posts and traditional art are not allowed at Ye Olde Graphics. For more information about what is and is not allowed, please check out the FAQ post. Looking for a tag but can't find it? Submit a request at the tag request post. If you'd like to affiliate with Ye Olde Graphics, please leave us a comment at the affiliates request post. We are not accepting requests from personal graphics journals at present.

Mods for Ye Olde Graphics are gwentastic and wherethewind.


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